Health Informatics Lab

The health informatics lab was established on Jan 2014 by Dr. Yaorong Ge and Dr. Lixia Yao to develop and apply data mining technologies to uncover new clinical knowledge and to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare. The lab is located at and affiliated with the department of software and information systems at UNC Charlotte. Currently, the lab has three principal investigators, four Ph.D. students, and several master students working on various research projects. For details about the ongoing researches in the lab, please refer to the research page. The lab members also intensively evolve in health informatics educational activities, such as teaching, seminar and journal club. Information about those activities could be found in the teaching, events and news pages.



Our principal Investigators and all the students working in the lab have always been great enthusiasts for conferences. Click on the link below to have more details on the worldwide conferences related to Health Informatics.

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Blogs and Journals

Rather than hiding herself in a corner to research on theoretical problems, Dr. Lixia Yao enjoys sharing her knowledge with the public. So she writes blogs on various healthcare topics relevant to average patients and consumers.

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Alumni and Future

This lab had always been associated with great talents. Be it Ph.D. students or Master's students, everyone who has joined the lab has been an integral part of this journey. We are always happy to welcome such new talents.

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